Wedding Song On Canvas – An Affordable Customise

Personalized first dance verses with couple’s name and wedding date and wedding picture is wonderful present idea for wedding anniversary, Valentine’s day, wedding shower, birthday and new year. Every time a couple will dance to their favorite wedding song, their love will be celebrated by giving them a lovely picture and beautiful verse. You can make personalized first dance verses on canvas with your personal wedding pictures and first dance music toppers. Every couple that loves to dance will proudly use Your special first dance verses and picture, here’s all you need to know:

wedding song on canvas

How do I make my special first dance verses and picture a canvas? Do it yourself! If you’re really passionate about this wedding anniversary gift idea, you can try to look for some easy DIY instructions available online. Printable wedding canvas prints are available everywhere and cost much less than expensive commercial printing process. With a simple and easy DIY guide you can decorate your own personalized wedding canvas prints.

The first thing you need to do is choose your chosen design. Your chosen design will serve as your focal point on which the verses will be printed onto high quality satin art card. Your chosen design will also be the background of the printed onto high quality matte finish canvases. It is recommended to prepare your chosen design on a desktop or laptop before hand so you can preview the print before having it printed onto canvas. Print the lyrics to your favorite song onto a high quality ink-jet printer, using high quality ink that is able to replicate well on shiny canvases.

Choose your favorite verse or a favorite wedding song lyrics. The printed onto canvas should be a single page with two spaces to insert the lyrics. To reduce extra lines and make the text easier to read, use a larger font. Bold and italicize the text for better reading. You can also insert your photos, if any, at the top of the canvas in any colour. If you want to include pictures from the wedding party, take them with your digital camera, and resize them before placing them onto the canvas.

Cut and past the two pages of the lyric sheet into four smaller pieces. Use cardstock to cover the four pieces and fold them carefully into fourths. Place each piece of the canvas one at a time onto the centre of your chosen canvas. This will form a border around the printed piece and give you extra room for your chosen dance music or wedding song lyrics to be placed.

Now all you have to do is find a good spot for your printed canvas to be hung. A closet is the ideal place for this type of gift, or even your guest bedroom. If you are giving an anniversary gift to a couple who is having their first child, the wedding anniversary gift could be framed on the side of the wall for future generations to enjoy. The wedding anniversary gift can also be hung on a spare wall or hung above a computer desk in the family room. For a more personal touch, frame the printed canvas as a family heirloom and hang it in the same place where you hung your other family heirlooms.

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