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One great thing about using online services like E-Bay, Amazon, and various other auction sites to sell your music is that you can now print your song. You can either have the printed music as it is, or simply send your artist, song title, & complete lyrics to include, with the newest digital print processes & print finish technology, which will print your music on premium quality premium paper, such as a heavy weight vinyl with full color to match your artistic taste and your budget. Printing can be done quickly, which is a major benefit, for you can print your song, artist statement, & your full name at any time you would like. There’s no need to wait for an opening in your local print shop!

print your song

If you have an upcoming wedding or anniversary, then this would be an excellent idea to include song lyrics as a gift. Just simply send your creative graphic designer a scanned copy of your wedding song lyrics. They will scan them and then create a high quality high-resolution file that you can print on premium quality paper using state-of-the-art printers from our selection of high-end printers & paper manufacturers, who also have their own design software programs to help you. Most of our artists have created their very own design programs, so if you want a professional looking result, then we would suggest you work with a reputable online printer who has their own software program.

Wedding song lyrics are usually printed on a premium quality card stock that is spiral bound. This gives the song lyrics, a great professional look that can be framed, placed on a wall, or even used as part of a larger picture. Most of our artists can create their own design programs from scratch, so if you want a truly professional outcome with your wedding song lyrics, and/or anniversary gift, then we recommend that you work with a reputable online printer who has their own design software. We have created a short video to show you how simple it is to create your own personalized greeting. Watch and learn!

Some of our most popular personalized wedding song lyrics graphic designer gifts are created using metal prints. You’ll love the original artist’s touch. These metal prints come in three finishes, gold plated, brushed metal, and matte black. Choose the finish that fits the taste of your recipient.

Our artists at Brilliant Paper Studio have created a unique collage design that combines the latest digital print finishes technology with an original artist’s touch. For this gift, select any of our heart theme designs. A special note from you will always be included inside the cover graphic of each song title. Brilliant Heart song titles can be personalized with an additional message of thanks or appreciation.

Many of our clients request personalized song titles as a wedding or anniversary present. The simplest and yet most meaningful message is always appreciated. Personalized songs offer the latest in print finishing technology. Our goal is to help you create the perfect personalized song title for your special someone. Contact us today.

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